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Are you using your DESIGN THINKING capabilities? 

Companies such as Apple, Nike, Samsung are using Design Thinking capabilities to drive innovative solutions. Research shows that these capabilities exist in all of us to some degree but often go unused. Unlocking these capabilities gives us the power to become innovative solution creators that drive change. Developed through rigorous research, tested with over 500 participants, used in over 20 industries, Chesson’s DESIGN THINKER PROFILE is an assessment that helps individuals and teams understand their capabilities.

What does the profile tell you? 

The profile tells you the degree to which an individual or team are using the following capabilities:

optimismSolution Optimism is the degree to which you believe a problem can be solved. This capability enables teams to see beyond the constraints and navigate roadblocks to discover solutions.

empathyEmpathetically Human Centered is the degree to which you are curious about the experiences of others and how well you can understand a problem from someone else’s perspective.

ideateIdea Generators is the degree to which you are able to come up with ideas. An abundance of ideas is critical to finding a workable solution.

visualVisually Expressive is the degree to which you are able to express ideas using visual methods such as sketches, stick figure drawings, and mindmaps.

riskfailComfort with Uncertainty is the degree to which you are able to embrace uncertainty. This capability enables teams to explore the unknown and test out new ideas.

collaborateCollaboration is the degree to which you are able to partner with others to develop solutions. This capability enables teams to work across functions, disciplines, and points of view.

This assessment can be scored at an individual or team level. The results are plotted on the Design Thinker Continuum and will tell you and your team if your capabilities are Untapped, Emerging, or Realized.


Here are what some early users of the assessment are saying…

“This has shown me I have skills I didn’t know I had.” ~ HR Executive in Retail 

This is unlike any assessment I’ve done before…it has shown me the skills I need to focus on developing to tackle the work my team is responsible for delivering.” ~ Service Delivery Manager in Banking

This assessment was developed through a multi-phase research study that involved 500+ participants spanning across 20 industries. Download the Full Study Here

What Does the Assessment Include?

The purchase of your profile includes the following:

  • An online assessment that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete
  • Report of results emailed to you
  • Customized action plan for putting your capabilities into practice

Group pricing and special rates are available for non-profit and educational institutions.

Chesson’s Design Thinker Profile is NOW available!!!


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