Design Thinkers

Chesson’s DESIGN THINKER PROFILE is an assessment that helps individuals and teams understand their Design Thinking capabilities. These capabilities exist in all of us to some degree but they often go unused. Unlocking these capabilities gives us the power to become innovative solution creators that thrive in today’s changing marketplace.

The Six Core Capabilities of Design Thinkers are…

optimismOptimistic About Solutions: Design Thinkers approach every problem knowing a solution is possible. Design Thinkers do not allow obstacles and constraints to prevent them from finding solutions, instead, they figure out how to work with them.

empathyEmpathetically Human Centered: Design Thinkers are curious about people and have a strong desire to learn about the challenges humans experience. Design Thinkers use this curiosity to develop a deep understanding of customer need in order to create innovative yet practical solutions.

ideateIdea Generators: Design Thinkers are concerned with exploring possibilities. When presented with a problem they begin to wonder what might be possible and generate many ideas for potential solutions.

visualVisually Expressive: Design Thinkers use visual methods to express, reflect on, share, and test out potential solutions. While not all Design Thinkers are artistically talented, they are comfortable using techniques such as sketching, stick figure drawings, diagraming, and mind mapping to explore ideas.

riskfailComfortable with Risk and Failure: Design Thinkers understand that creating solutions require engaging with ambiguity and dealing with unknowns. Therefore, Design Thinkers are comfortable with taking calculated risks to see what will work and if something doesn’t work as they expected they use the failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.

collaborateCollaborative: Design Thinkers understand the power of collaboration. They understand that solutions do not come about in isolation so they actively seek input from others. Design Thinkers welcome the sharing and melding ideas.


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