Chesson’s DESIGN THINKER PROFILE is an online assessment that measures the six core capabilities of a Design Thinker. The assessment asks you to rate 27 statements on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 6 (strongly agree) and can be scored at an individual or team level. The profile provides six scores, one for each capability. The scores are plotted on the DESIGN THINKER continuum. Your scores represent to the degree which you currently use each capability. 


Design Thinker Continuum

The assessment was developed through a multi-phase research study that involved 500+ participants spanning across 20 industries. The study involved surveys, interviews, and an in-depth review of research literature to understand the core capabilities of Design Thinkers and then develop a method for measuring them. Download Study Here

What early users of the assessment are saying…

“This assessment has helped me hone in on the skills I need to focus on developing for the challenges we are facing.” ~ Healthcare Executive

This is unlike any assessment I’ve done before…it focuses on skills we need to use more.” ~ Service Delivery Manager

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